Nordlicht Seminars
Going forward


The practice shows that organizations are only as good as their leaders. Especially team leaders and team leaders sit through their "classic sandwich position" between the chairs and often have complex interests meet.

On the one hand it is expected to face the employees perceive the management task and explain decisions "from above" and communicate. On the other hand, they have the task of communicating to their own superiors solutions, approaches and problems of the team and to represent the interests of their employees. Therefore, it is important to support team leaders and team leaders in their first leadership role and to enable them to best fulfill its role: through the provision of appropriate tools and methods and by supporting the collegial exchange.

Managers do not fall from the sky

At this development challenge set at Northern Lights Management Consultants and provide for new and experienced team leaders and team leaders in job centers a customized program. In this program, a total of 17 training days in 7 modules, our years of experience in the field of Book II are combined with managerial and latest methods, compressed practical and reflected among colleagues: let yourself be moved!